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As with all Sunrise Home Pros services our intention is to keep your home looking great and in tip top shape.

We clean exterior windows, screens and casings by hand and use professional window cleaning tools.

In addition to cleaning we also inspect all weeps, casings and screeens.

Most people don't know that in the pacific northwest its very common for window weeps to get clogged by mildew, small amounts of moss and other debris causing water to get  build up behind and underneath the window casings greatly increasing the chances of moistuire to get trapped and build up behind trim and siding which is what often causes the trim and siding to rot around so many homes in the pacific northwest.  With a little attention to detail while cleaning your windows these potentially expensive problems can be completely avoided.  

When you hire Sunrise Home Pros we will clean and inspect the weeps and casings of each of your windows as we clean each pane of glass.  We also offer affordable screen repair so that every item on the exterior of your home from the roof to foundation is in tip top shape so that you are always 100% on top of your home maintenenace.

Save time and money when choosing our exterior window washing service and combining it with our other annual exterior home detailing services like moss and mildew prevention for your roof, siding, trim, fascia, soffits, rake boards, decks and concrete and skylight and gutter cleaning.

Our complete annual exterior detailing service comes with a COMPLETE annual exterior home inspection report where you will get a complete exgterior home inspection once a year upon completion of service.

Our mission is to simplify your life with a one stop shop annual service team that takes care of all of your exterior home maintenance in a single day once a year with one professional and efficient team whose job it is to protect your home and keep it beautiful while saving you time, money and the stress of dealing with multiple contractors who will not pay nearly as much attention to the details that Sunrise Home Pros will.


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We are a family owned local business that is licensed, bonded and insured.

We guarantee the bidding process will be initiated within 24 hours of your submission within business hours Monday through Friday.

We guarantee a comprehensive and detailed bid and work agreement for every client.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We use only environmentally friendly products.

All clients will recieve a digital feedback form on the completion of each job.


Our professional and friendly team will quickly have your windows sparkling clean, letting in more light, and improving the appearance of your home.