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s to have long term relationships with our clients by being a company that is a joy to work with and an asset in your life.

We believe that our service will save you time, money, the stress of dealing with multiple contractors.

Our trained professionals provide preventive annual maintenance so that you can feel confident in knowing that your home will always look beautiful and be protected from ‘the normally accepted’ issues of moss, mildew, leaks, rot, rodents, frozen pipes, etc. that happen to almost every home in the pacific northwest.
We want to make your life less complicated, more enjoyable so that you have the time to do more enjoyable activities with friends and family.


It’s not rocket science!
Our philosophy is simple.
Provide a great service, pay our employees a fair and living wage and our business will GROW!
Our approach is also simple.
Be honest, on time and do good work.

We DO NOT spend money on fancy trucks, expensive ads or office storefronts. We invest in our team members and clients by taking the time to hire only the best people and offering incentives for providing impeccable service.


Our team is comprised of individuals who want to protect your home from the elements and keeps it looking beautiful at the same time.

Sunrise Home Pros has business model designed to create a win-win for EVERYONE involved. We only hire and train team members who are serious about improving the quality of their lives and helping others do the same.

Each of our mobile maintenance team members has made a substantial investment in their own professional tools, mobile technology devices and maintenance vehicles.

Our business model, investment and forethought is what allows Sunrise Home Pros to hire professionals who understand the value of having ‘skin in the game’ so that we can pass savings on to our clients, and pay team members a living wage without cutting corners or stacking hidden costs into our bids as so many contractors do.

We’re always looking for ways to provide a better service at a lower cost and our business model and exterior home maintenance packages allow us to do just that.

By hiring 1 professional team to take care of all of your exterior maintenance needs we can save you time, money and the stress of dealing with multiple contractors all while keeping your home protected and looking beautiful at the same time.

Please give us a call or visit our website and submit a bid request online to schedule your free quote within 24 hours.